Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Summer Semester .. あつい夏だよ~

In this week the summer semester started .. not too many materials I have but still hate this semester too much , I don't mean this specific semester .. no , I hate summer at all .. I hate this weather .. I hate warm days .. I hate humidity .... I always prefer cold weather - even if it sometimes causes "sharsha7a & bahdaleh" :p - but it's still better than feeling like hating my clothes & even my own skin (@_@")

And now .. using 4 buses to go & return from university every day proves this more and more .. I just can ask ALLAH to help us pass this semester fine ^^

==> Question for My students : can you still spell "atatakai" ? :p

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

My Favorite ANIMEs 1 : Meitantei Conan

こんにちは皆さん。。お元気ですか? ^^

I want to talk about one of my favorite Animes ; no.. in fact it's my preferred one .. 名探偵 コナン .. Detective Conan (^_')b

Who didn't watch Conan at Spacetoon ? who didn't enjoy it when Conan reveals the culprit saying :
あなたは犯人です ( anata wa hannin desu ) = أنت هو المجرم

More than 12 years ago ; TV-Tokyo started telecasting this great Anime on January 6 , 1996 .. but of course the Manga started before in 1994 by the director Aoyama Goushou ( 青山剛昌 ) .. now they reached 505 eps ( including 25 special episodes* ) , 7 OVAs and 12 Movies !! and the Manga now reached more than 650 chapter !!

* special episode : an episode which broadcasted on the occasion of the new year usually or another special events , and usually it's an (1 to 2 hours) episode !

I like many Animes but for me Meitantei Conan is the best of the best , the story is simply .. AMAZING , it's not just random episodes about random crimes ; most of the episodes are related to each other , many simple events in the story became very important events later ( the word "later" could mean 100 episodes ^^; ) .. many fights with the Black Organization ( 黒の組織 ) , many characters appeared and there were many creative ideas in the episodes .. really it's a very interesting Anime ^^

Names comparing :

Let's compare the names of characters in the Arabic dubbed version , English dubbed version and the original names in Japanese .. Notice that the family name in Japanese comes before the first name .

Japanese = Arabic = English

Meitantei Conan = المحقق كونان = Case Closed

Edogawa Conan = كونان إيدوجاوا = Conan Edogawa
Kudou Shinichi = سينشي كودو = Jimmy Kudo
Mouri Kogorou = توغو موري = Richard Moore
Ran = ران = Rachel
Suzuki Sonoko = سوكو = Serena Sebastian
Agasa = أغاسا = Agasa
Ayumi = أيومي = Amy
Genta = جينتا = George
Mitsuhiko = ميتسو = Mitch
Megure = ميغوري = Meguire

Did you notice the huge difference in names between the English version & the original Japanese names ?!! ^^;

Drawing comparing :

مشهد من الحلقة 56

بمناسبة إصدار الفلم الأول أو الثاني

بمناسبة إصدار الفلم العاشر عام 2006

Additional Pictures :

And this is Conan's favorite quote : ( shinjitsu wa itsumo hitotsu) .

الحقيقة دوماً واحدة
Truth is only one

I hope you've enjoyed this post about My favorite Anime .. see you in other posts for other Animes in sha' ALLAH ^^

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

ピタゴラ スイッチ - Pitagora Switch

I tried to describe this but I couldn't, simply it's something .. AMAZING ^^
Please enjoy this 13 minutes-Video ^^

==> IF it takes too long to load please wait .. it deserves this (^_')b


Sunday, June 8, 2008

Kodomo at Irbid !

Konnichi wa mina san ^^
Some days ago - before exams end - I was "shopping" at Irbid's university street as usual ( well .. being a student & living alone forces me to do shopping , washing dishes , cleaning & many other boring works ^^; ) .. while I was walking I noticed the word kodomo ( = child ) written in Arabic at the door of a pharmacy ; at first I didn't care because I read many Japanese words at home & I kept walking saying ( aah .. kodomo .. sho ya3ni ) .. then I stopped .. WHAAAATTT ???!! KODOMOOO ?! I returned to read it & I found it an advertisement for a Japanese medical label ( sticker ) for cooling the body temperature as you see in the pics below , sorry for the bad quality :

And this is the 3 sizes :

I entered the pharmacy asking for a poster or something so he gave me an empty packet ( middle size ) :p

I also want to talk about the THIN Japanese biscuits which you can find on my desk in the previous post :p

I found it at Irbid mall while "shopping" there & brought it to the nihongo class last semester ..
kanji chan no class .. Natsukashii~~ ^^