Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Kagaya Yutaka - 加賀谷 豊

Kagaya Yutaka ( 加賀谷 豊 ) is a Japanese digital artist who is known for painting elaborately detailed and spectacularly colored images , his images often include elements with a luminous quality, and his favorite subject is astronomy , he spent his childhood in wonderment of the stars in the sky, and never stopped painting them , he has had a successful career as an illustrator for astronomical books and magazines .

Kagaya Yutaka

Kagaya is very famous in North America & Japan , so the minor planet 11949 is named "Kagaya yutaka" after his real name in honor of his contribution to astronomy as an artist .

I'll let you to enjoy some of his wonderful images , don't forget to press on the image to watch the high quality full size .. there are additional links for more great pics ^^

Additional images :


Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Nihongo lecture in the Nature !

Today's Nihongo lecture was special .. we didn't take it in a class ; we took it over the grass ^^

Since a week; CSDC started their maintenance works (varnishing the walls , rearranging things don't need to be rearranged , .. etc) .. and because of that we had to find another place to give Nihongo lessons at ; so we were going to an empty class room and starting writing Nihongo with chalks :p

The problem is that they have to close those class rooms early (usually before 3:00 PM) ; knowing that we start our lecture at 2:15 Pm , we hadn't enough time to take a real informative lecture , so firstly I changed the number of lectures from 2 lectures (MON-WED) to 3 lectures (SUN-TUE-THU) , and today I had to change even the place to keep giving the class ^^;

In our preferred room at CSDC

After getting out of the class room ; we searched hopelessly for another opened one but we didn't find any , I looked to the greenish G-square in front of CSDC then said "guys.. I'll give you the lecture here .. on the grass (3al7asheesh)" :p

We stayed for 3:30 PM talking about "to issho ni" & "te-form + imasu" , even though I taught them these rules at the last semester but I felt they need to review them again , it was a nice lecture today .. sitting in the shadow of trees .. enjoying the scenery of green grass and waving our hands right & left to get the damn flies off our faces :p
For me .. this was the first time to sit on the grass in my whole university life :p

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

夏の日本語クラス - Nihongo Class for Summer

Yesterday we started Nihongo lessons for this summer semester , after thinking .. I'll not give this time a class for beginners because this semester is very short and there's no much time to teach them a good material ; and I don't want students to learn a huge amount of information in one month .. that's why I'll just continue teaching more Nihnogo grammar for the previous semester's students .

Previous semester's announcement for Nihongo lessons

This week lessons will be a review for the material we had taken last semester , and next week we will start learning more useful information in sha' ALLAH , and I'll not start by teaching normal lessons .. no, we agreed to give them an ENTRANCE EXAM in Nihongo to see how much they had learned from the previous semester's lessons .. I hope the average will be good and not like our averages in university exams ^^;

By the way .. I just remembered something funny happened with us last semester ; when I was teaching the students the Numbers in Nihongo I said that number 10 is (juu) then talked about the bigger numbers like 53 for example how its reading will be (go juu san = 5, 10, 3) .. and when I wanted to say "number 100 is ..." ; one of the students interrupted me & said immediately : "yea, it should be (juu juu)" :p