Saturday, March 28, 2009


I don't know why but recently I had no willengness to post anything here, even thought many events happened; but still somehow feel lazy to post, and if I start a post I don't compelete it ^^;

- I watched an anime and it was very great, I liked it more than death note, naruto & all anime; so I started a post about it but haven't finished it yet ^^;

- About two months ago; I spent one week without internet at all, no email, no blogs, no facebook, no forums, no internet AT ALL.. even though I had no communication with the whole world (except my family because I was with them) but it was somehow restful, I wrote a post about this but didn't complete it ^^;

- I gave a Japanese course at LCC, & at the last lecture I gave the students an exam and they passed, but I didn't wrote a post about this, like I didn't wrote about the exam I gave at the end of the course at university ^^;

- I found some new Japanese-related products in Irbid Mall, I took pictures for them; but didn't post it ^^;

- My sleeping hours have extremely changed, waking up at 4 AM or before; and sleeping at 7 PM or earlier (o_O), maybe I'm living at the timing of Japan :p

- And finally; even this post.. I was thinking about writing it two weeks ago, but maybe because I have an exam tomorrow so I'm posting it.. you know; at the days of exams; everybody become creative & feel like doing anything but studying :p

Anyway.. I hope after the exams I'll post more frequently ^^

ではまた ^^