Saturday, May 31, 2008

My desk .. these days

My Desk at days of exams ^^

For the details see the next picture :

press to see the FULL size ^^


Thursday, May 22, 2008

Omoshiroi KANJI 1 : 愛

Konnichi wa mina san , ogenki desu ka ? ^^
I'll talk from time to time about a KANJI letter I like ..
I'll start with my favorite Kanji .. this Kanji means ( love ) .. and its reading is ( ai ) .. very easy ne! ^_^

I like the shape of this kanji .. very interesting .. specially the part in the middle ( = kokoro = heart ) 、we can find this part in most of (kanji)s which have the meanings of emotions & feelings .

Minna .. what's your favorite Kanji ?
I bet that the favorite kanji for my students is ( 気 = denki = electricity ) .. because most of them are studing electric engineering (^_')

Sunday, May 18, 2008

The last Nihongo lesson !

On Wednesday I gave the last Nihongo lesson for this semester .. a very special lesson (^_')b
We stayed more than 2 hours { from 2:15 till 4:30 (o_O) } , to be the longest nihongo lesson I ever taught ; hontouni at the end nodo ga kawakimashita ^^;

At the previous lecture we started with the sentences sheet ; reaching sentence no. 38 , then we continued in this last lesson the 107 sentences of the sheet .
I wanted to teach them at first some rules like ( because , I want to , .. ) & some particles like ( ni , de , e , .. ) then getting in this interesting sheet as a review for what we had taken ; but there was no time for such plans because it's the end of the semester & we all need to study for final exams , that's why I taught the students these grammar rules while reading the sentences , and that's why we agreed to continue this class at summer semester in sha' ALLAH (^_')b

In this special lesson we had a lot of fun .. we talked about many things .. nihongo , Meitantei Conan , buying apples in Japan (^_') , using hashi , and I can't forget the most important thing in this lecture which is the "tashyeer" that Muhammad san was making while reading sentences .. in fact everything he said was right ; I believe that he has the gift of (tashyeer)ing :p .. really .. we enjoyed this lesson the most ^_^

من اليمين : رامي سان ، محمد سان ، أنا ^^ ، رازي سان ، يزن سان ، أحمد سان

:p سؤال الأسبوع : اكتشف عشرة فروقات بين الصورتين

My Friends .. Ahmad abu Radi san , Muhammad Saleh san , Abdullah san , Rami san , Ahmad Al-Bassuoni san , Razi san , Iman chan , Deema chan , Nader san & everyone attended Nihongo lessons ( even if it was just one lecture ) .. I appreciate your support and your love for Japanese language , and I'm very glad to know you , see you in summer in sha' ALLAH ^^

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Poll - slow loading

Konnichi wa mina san .. ogenki desu ka ? ^^

I want to know if you find this page loading is slow .. so I put a small poll on the right column .. maybe it's a very usual question and doesn't need to write a post about it ; but in fact I'm concerned in knowing if you find problems in loading this site or not specially after adding some new widgets .
I wish that everyone answer it ^_^

jaa.. mata ^^

Friday, May 9, 2008

3 days to put a header image !

It took me about 3 days trying to put this image as a header for the blog !

I made this banner quickly ; planning to make another better one later in sha' ALLAH .. but when I tried to put it as banner it appeared shifted to the right with the previous original banner appearing above ; to the left and under this one ! even though I made it 760 pixels wide exactly as the original banner wide , after that I noticed a small note that they will shrink any banner to 740 pixels wide , so I made another "version" of it .. but the problem still exist .

This is how it appeared !

I had no choice but changing the template .. after searching between available templates I didn't like anyone more than this one I use now , in spite of this I tried some of them .. tried to add the banner .. sometimes it appeared well and sometimes it didn't .. but still want to put this banner with this template "5aawa" :p
I tried to use some other templates from other websites .. but still have problems (T_T) .

Finally .. I tried suicide so I t~~ ... :p I mean I tried searching between sites that have add-ons & widgets for blogs .. and I found what I want .. how to edit some particular lines in "Edit HTML" option of the Blog .. I changed some numbers many times so the banner will fit the header .. I also discovered that the header was 765 pixels wide not 760 ! so I re-made the banner with this new width ... and I succeeded .. yes .. finally I succeeded adding an image as a banner .

やった~~  \\(^o^)//

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Japanese lessons are back

Finally .. we continued yesterday our Nihongo* Classes after a long break lasted for two weeks because of exams .

* Nihongo = Japanese language , please memorize this word at least because I'll use it frequently .

In this nihongo lectures I talked about the basics of Japanese language , starting with a simple description about writing systems ( hiragana, katakana, romaji, kanji ) , then - of course - started with hiragana letters ; how to write them ; their pronounciation ; thier combinations and some words about every letter .

Next , learning some common words like ( konnichi wa , ohayou , gomen , mata ne , douzo , .. ) , and other words like ( ima , hito , tomodachi , daigaku , .. ) .
I also gave them demonstrative pronouns ( kono , sono , ano , kore , sore , are ) , how to use ( の no ) for possession , weekdays and colours .

After that we moved to the sentences , how to make a simple sentence using ( は wa ) , how to use nouns , adjectives or combinations of "adj.+noun" or "nounのnoun" , how to make these sentences in past , negative or negative past .. and how to make questions .

Then I talked about using verbs in sentences ( masu-form ) , how to make them in past , negative or negative past , how to add an object ( مفعول به ) to the sentence and how to make questions from verb-sentences .

Yesterday we talked a little about ( dare , doko , koko , itsu , nande , .. ) , then we talked about numbers ( the students liked them very much ^^ ) and how to read them starting from 1 reaching more than 億 ( oku = 10^8 ) .

To read the nihongo lessons we had learned : Nihongo Lessons
To install the sheets we are learning : Sheets

a pic for the first Nihongo lecture

Well , I think we still can take 3 or 4 more lectures before the final exams , I'm intending to teach them the sentences sheet that our sensei Kanji chan made because it has many useful various sentences ^^

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Two exams in one day !!!

Finally .. My second exams ended but with "Mu3anaah" ^^;

Today I had two exams , the first was at 8:30-9:30 AM in "Al-6ebbeyya" M4202 , and the other exam at 10:00-11:00 AM in "AL-handaseyya" E2008 !!! on the extremities of the Uni. (T_T)

I went to the Uni. without eating breakfast to find restaurants there didn't open yet even it was 8:10 AM !! I was very hungry but Thanks ALLAH I found them making some "Mu3ajjanaat" .. "yalla A7san men wala shi" , and even the buses were not exist at this early time ( basu wa arimasen ) .. so I had to enjoy walking between "handaseyya" & "6ebbeyya" ^^

The good news that I finished my 1st exam in less than 15 minutes , but the bad news that the 2nd exam needed 3 or 4 hours to finish solving its mazes ~ .. I mean "matricies" ^^;

I know such things happen usually in our Uni. , and the laws allow to have 3 exams in one day !!! but I think this is unfair , even if I studied the material many times before ; study before exams still important .. how can I have any time to study for two exams together knowing that I had another exam 2 days ago ?!!


Thursday, May 1, 2008

My first post

konnichi wa minna .... ogenki desu ka ?
This is the first time for me to make a blog ..
I hope you will like it ^^