Monday, November 17, 2008

Nihongo lectures in Leaders Cultural Center

konnichi wa mina san ^^
I know this topic was supposed to be about one of the Animes I like; but I'll keep this to the next post in sha' ALLAH, now I have an interesting news to tell you :

Recently, Leaders Cultural Center (مركز القادة الثقافي) in Irbid invited me to teach Japanese there in monthly courses, they already have courses for English, German, French, Spanish & other languages; so I agreed - with some conditions - because the center is very close to my home at Irbid ( just about 3 minutes walking ^^ ) & the lecture times we chose are very suitable for me.

Usually the courses are held there as 5 lectures weekly (every lecture is 2 hours) for a month (which means 40 hours in the course through 1 month), but for me I can't give classes everyday so it will be 3 lectures per week (2 hours.. every SAT, MON, WED) for a period of 2 months (and this means 48 hours not 40), we haven't decided yet when we will start the course, but the center usually doesn't start any course with less than 4 or 5 students.

The center made a new bulletin board contains the 10 languages they give courses for; and the Japanese is the first one at the top of the board ^^
I knew today that there some students registered in the Nihongo course, I hope another people will participate ^^

Mina san.. you are welcome to join us in the nihongo courses in Leaders Cultural Center in Irbid, for more information :

العنوان : إربد - شارع الجامعة - بوابة اليرموك الغربية (الاقتصاد) - خلف فندق حجازي سابقاً - بجانب مطعم العمري - مركز القادة الثقافي

tel : 027269300/1/2
fax : 027269304
mobile : 0788699699

By the way.. this is one of LCC's programs regarding English language.


eNAS said...

Good for U Bira~ru :)

Really nice offer meet what u like
and pretty cool in
wish i can register , i enjoyed the class time ago .
but this semester is really stress:(

Saemon 左衛門 said...


Ohisashiburi! The japanese version of the page has some funky translation!

leader's cultural center: リーダの文化的な中心?


Kanji_chan said...

Text translators never "Stand inside service":p

Biraru san
Free? Fee?
If free, I think it's a great idea.And I would say do your best!o(^O^)O
If we are talking about a small chicchai fee it's still ok too.(^_^;)
Otherwise, bad idea (>_<)

YzN said...

mmmm..nice to do something like this
spreading the nihongo fever out side the uni
believe me soon enough nihongo will become the latest trend in Jordan

at least everyday I'm asked once if not twice, about places that teaches nihongo, what are the levels, is it hard , how much letters are there.....?

bad thing those people are usually from amman, so when I refer to the leaders center, they just become disappointed
and for the JICA/JAAJ the new cycle has already started too...

Qutaibah said...

keep foreward biraru san we wait u in CSDC next semester

stella said...

I recently came accross your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I dont know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.