Thursday, August 21, 2008

Omoshiroi Kanji 2 : 雨

For the second time : Ohisashiburi* mina san .. sorry for not posting for a long time ^^;
* ohisashiburi : it's been a long time; long time no see

Last time in the first post of this series I talked about my favorite kanji ( ) which means ( love ) ... This time I'll talk about another interesting kanji which is ( ) .. its reading is ( ame ) and it means ( Rain ) .
I like this kanji because I think it somehow resembles the view of rain , look to the dots and the way of drawing them .. the other reason that make this kanji special to me is its presence in many KANJIs which refer to meanings very close to RAIN ; for example :

( yuki ) : snow
( kaminari ) : thunder
( kumo ) : cloud
( kiri ) : fog , mist

notice how every one of them include the kanji ( ) as an upper part of it ^_^

Drawing & stroke order :
The green dot is the starting point

nice ne ? like usual .. starting from up to down ; left to right & horizontal before vertical ^^
see you with other KANJIs later in sha' ALLAH (^_^)//

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Artificial Sea Beach in Japan

Ohisashiburi mina san .. long time no post ^^;
Today I want to talk about this amazing Japanese Artificial Sea in Kyuushuu Island .

Japanese have created world’s biggest artificial indoor sea beach in the southern Japan. This huge Ocean Dome allows you to lie on crushed marble pebbles without worrying about the tan and bugs. Either it is tress or birds everything is man made in this premises. Inside the Dome, climate remains always pleasant and surfers enjoys themselves in the chlorinated salt free water. Every afternoon seems like a carnival here.

World’s most organized beach is located on Japan’s Kyuushuu Island close to Tokyo. It combines a 140 meters wide sea, 600 tons of marble chips and an 85 meter sea shore surrounded by shops. Key West, Marco Polo, Buena Vista and many others have their outlets in the premises. It is a part of a leisure complex called Seagaia.

Interestingly a natural beach is just 300 meters away from the Ocean Dome but obviously it’s less appealing. But unlike a natural beach you have to pay a big sum to have fun here. You will be required to pay $50 as Entry fee is, $10 for the boogie boards and for the rides also you have to pay extra.