Monday, November 17, 2008

Nihongo lectures in Leaders Cultural Center

konnichi wa mina san ^^
I know this topic was supposed to be about one of the Animes I like; but I'll keep this to the next post in sha' ALLAH, now I have an interesting news to tell you :

Recently, Leaders Cultural Center (مركز القادة الثقافي) in Irbid invited me to teach Japanese there in monthly courses, they already have courses for English, German, French, Spanish & other languages; so I agreed - with some conditions - because the center is very close to my home at Irbid ( just about 3 minutes walking ^^ ) & the lecture times we chose are very suitable for me.

Usually the courses are held there as 5 lectures weekly (every lecture is 2 hours) for a month (which means 40 hours in the course through 1 month), but for me I can't give classes everyday so it will be 3 lectures per week (2 hours.. every SAT, MON, WED) for a period of 2 months (and this means 48 hours not 40), we haven't decided yet when we will start the course, but the center usually doesn't start any course with less than 4 or 5 students.

The center made a new bulletin board contains the 10 languages they give courses for; and the Japanese is the first one at the top of the board ^^
I knew today that there some students registered in the Nihongo course, I hope another people will participate ^^

Mina san.. you are welcome to join us in the nihongo courses in Leaders Cultural Center in Irbid, for more information :

العنوان : إربد - شارع الجامعة - بوابة اليرموك الغربية (الاقتصاد) - خلف فندق حجازي سابقاً - بجانب مطعم العمري - مركز القادة الثقافي

tel : 027269300/1/2
fax : 027269304
mobile : 0788699699

By the way.. this is one of LCC's programs regarding English language.

Friday, November 7, 2008

busy.. busy >_<"

ohisashiburi mina san .. long time no see ^^;
It has been a long time since the last post in this blog, but I'm really sorry, lately I was very very busy that I sometimes haven't had time even for completing the post I started writing it after Eid Al-Fitr !! and in most of the these days I don't have time for watching even one episode of Anime !! many things happened with me the last 2 months; maybe I'll talk about them later, but I wanted to tell you that I'm still alive - for now :p - and I still have the intention to post more & more because there're many topics I want to share & discuss with you .. so wait please & keep checking my blog ^_^

Question : who can guess the topic of the next post ?
Hint : it's about one of the Animes I like (^_^)b