Sunday, February 22, 2009

Pepsi Flavors in Japan

Minna, have you heard about this new flavor for Pepsi ?! :p
Well, here we have flavors such as "orange" for example ; but a "Pepsi & Yogurt flavor" is very interesting :p


Anyway; I heard from a friend in Japan that it tastes really bad.. don't try it ><" Here are another flavors & more colors ^^




じゃ。。どれが飲みたいですか。 :p


hana san said...

justみたい ^v^

eNAS said...

:S :S
shu ma fee 3la ba6a6a :D

I don't drink soda time ago and feel great about that :)
how are you Bira~ru
zaman ma bayanet
hada el semester embayen mn alwaloo
Allah e3en :X :'(

momiji said...


rua said...

wow , sugoi ^-^

YzN said...

catchy colors :)
but I wonder how they taste ???

ice cucumber !!!!

Biraru said...

hana san
コメントありがとう ^^

eNAS san
well, maybe they are going to make potato-flavored pepsi :p

Momiji san
俺にとって飲みたい。。一回だけ :p

Rua san
コメントありがとう ^^

YzN san
面白いね~ アイスキューカンバー :p

Qutaibah said...

mmmmmmm all of these typs
but black pepsi the most delicious type :) is that right biraru san
like every time when I come to ur Sakan
u say:
what u want to drink Qutaibah
-there are pepsi,pepsi,pepsi,pepsi,and pepsi just pepsi :P
-so whey u ask me
then we laugh
-pepsi pepsi:P

Imo chan said...

o.O cucumber !!!!!
OMG I'll never try that

Anas said...

ما بتبطلها العاده
لازم كل ما افوت عندك الاقيلي نهفه بتكركب مشاعري
اول شي كيفك يزلمه وينك ما بتسأل
ثاني شي هاد شو بالزبط ببسي ابيض
ههه ما علينا منها
شكلو المخترعه بدوي
بس جد اشي عجب

Biraru said...

Qutaibah san
of course the black pepsi the most delicious type :p
بالمناسبة .. شو تشرب ؟

Imo chan
don't like cucumber ?!
OK.. what about the carrots ? :p

مين اللي ما بيسأل ؟ ومين اللي ودعنا وسكر موقعه من سنة ؟
أنا فكرتك خلص رحت عاليابان تجيب السوشي بنفسك