Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Torrents for learning Japanese

Yesterday the semester finished and we started this short vacation which is just about two weeks, I don't have a specific plans for what to do during these days, maybe I have to improve my Japanese more & more because recently I was very slow in "receiving" new nihongo words or grammar.

Not long ago, I found two torrents files for learning Japanese, even though I haven't download them yet but they look very interesting, the files are about 6 GB !! yes they are big files & they need time to download specially with the very slow internet we have, but of course there's no need to fully download them; we can choose what we need then download, these files contains many books & guides as pdf files, flash files, pictures, audio files (including subliminal audio files) & maybe video files (I'm not sure about the videos ^^;) for learning kana, kanji, words, grammar, speaking & many things.

The first torrent : Learn Japanese (6 GB)

Includes : art of writing Japanese, Japanese for busy people, Japanese is possible, lonely planet Japanese phrase book, read Japanese today, remembering the Kanji by names, guide to passing to JLPT, MLC original study materials (Beginners level, low-intermediate level, high-intermediate level), Japanese basic (I & II), let's learn Japanese Basic, how to learn any language quickly; easily; inexpensively; enjoyably & on your own, Pimsleur Japanese (I, II & III) , Subliminal Japanese (1 & 2).

The second torrent : Pimsleur Japanese I, II & III (1.8 GB)

It contains the same 1.8 GB of Pimsleur Japanese (I, II & III) in the previous torrent; so just download them once from one of these torrents; but it also includes some other files about Japanese which is just about 30 MB :

Includes : Pimsleur Japanese (I, II & III), common Kanji by grades, guides for drawing kanji, Japanese for busy people, Japanese phrasebook, tips for learning.

I'm downloading now some files from both torrents, and I hope everybody will make full use of them too ^^

Good luck in learning Japanese.. 頑張ってください皆さん ^^


eNAS said...

Wow they seems to be thick material ..
as3ab mn mawad el uni :D

I'm sure you will enjoy learning them all ...
To me Sleeping is in the top of my list :D

they are 2 weeks and 2 days :D

momiji said...

Nowadays, i feel that my Japanese learning acceleration is in minus!
thank you for the files, i will try to download them (may be the download will be completed next year!):D

Qutaibah said...

waw 6GB+1.8GB+ 30 MB japanese Omoshiroi :P
I will try to download them

Imo chan said...

COOOL Bilal san

i wanna learn japanese this week too


Dr.Mohammed said...

6 GB !!!

not too much , i will give them a try!

Biraru said...

Minna.. Arigatou for your comments ^^

Haylin said...


it's AWESOME o.O

Thanks alot Biraru-san

I Hope I can download them all

ありがとう ^^

Kanji_chan said...

would love to download but no P2P allowed from the university :p

hana san said...

thx for this file !!!
i think before download all file first we must ignore all our activity and try and try to study hard

Biraru said...

コメントをありがとう。。皆さん ^^

Daniel said...

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trọng tăng said...
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